About - Al-Wali Academy

The name of the school is Al-Wali Sunday Islamic School.  The School timings for Sunday School are from 9:45 am to 12:30 pm. Students should pray Dhuhr Salah with family.

Online Registration

Please call or send an email to the Principal for questions about registration.

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Start Of Academic Year

2020 – 2021 academic year started from Sept, 13th 2020 at Online Only. 

2021-2022 School Calendar

Admission to the school is on first come first served basis. Since the space is limited, there will be a cap on maximum number of students per class. Parents are therefore highly encouraged to register early to ensure enrollment for the year 2020-2021.

For more information about registration and fees, detailed information is provided on Masjid Al-Wali website. 

If you have any questions, please email at  sundayschool@masjidalwali.org  or call (908)444-0595 Ext 3.

Goals and Objectives:
Al-Wali Sunday Islamic School is committed to provide the best Islamic education, environment and activities for the children, youth and other members of our community by offering interesting teaching programs.

  • Provide Islamic teachings to Muslim children and help them understand basics of Quran and Seera.
  • Provide children an opportunity to meet and know each other and thereby strengthen their bond as a Muslim umma
  • Make children aware of Islam and their future role in Muslim society
  • The teaching shall be non-sectarian and non-controversial 


  • Al-Wali Sunday Islamic School has an advisory committee comprised of the principal, teachers, and some prominent Muslim scholars to update the curriculum every year and conduct future planning.
  • Al-Wali Weekend Islamic School has a qualified principal and a good blend of experience and youth among the teaching and administrative staff.
  • The School has regular meetings of teaching staff and principal to evaluate progress of each class.


The curriculum contents are based on the student’s class level. The curriculum contents include Qur’an, Seerah and Hadith, Aqidah, Fiqh and Akhlaq, Islamic History, and Fundamentals of Islam and Islamic  Social Studies.

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Code of Conduct

 Parents are expected to bring their children to school on time and pick them up promptly after the end of the corresponding classes. Neither baby-sitting nor children supervision is available after school hours. It is the responsibility of the parents to make proper transportation arrangements to transport their children to and from the school.

Students and teachers are in the School for one basic purpose: To promote the Islamic and educational development of students. To accomplish the goal, each student is expected to meet the following disciplinary objectives:

  • Come to the class prepared each day with paper, pencils, and completed assignments.
  • Make no disruptive noise or gestures.
  • Must not leave seat or room without permission.
  • Treat others and the property of others with respect.
  • Ask and wait for permission before speaking.

Students are expected to come to the class on time. The School expects the cooperation of the parents. In case of any absence, the student is expected to contact the teacher for finding out all of the missed assignments and for arranging possible make-ups.

All students are expected to dress modestly and Islamically. No one is expected to come in shorts while the female students are expected to cover their heads.

No running, shouting, or noise is allowed in the Masjid or in the corridors.

Children are not allowed to be outside of the Al-Wali Sunday Islamic School on their own.

Please note that Al-Wali Sunday Islamic School also offers additional series of educational programs at our Olsen facility, they are: 

  • Al-Wali Saturday Islamic School
  • Al-Wali Summer Educational Program during the Summer
  • Al-Wali Nooraniya Classes
  • Al Maghrib Institute series of number of classes each year.