Al-Wali Academy Elementary School

Parents Information

School Begins September 6th, 2022

Please complete all required documentation by 8/31

 Pre K and KG Start at 8:45 AM

Parents can help their child by making sure they receive enough sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, are organized and arrive on time.

Important Documents and Links

Parent - Student Handbook (Available Soon)

Makeen Travel will be serving Al-Wali Academy students for all it’s programs. Al-Wali Academy Elementary School, Sunday School, Saturday School, and RESALAH after school program. Makeen Travel will be providing special packages for all of Al-Wali Academy students, competitive prices, siblings discounts, and lower rates for weekend programs.

If you would like to transportation please complete this form and email it to

Request for Payment of Transportation Aid

A district Board of Education shall pay aid in lieu of transportation to the parent or guardian of an eligible student only after receiving a signed “Request for Payment of Transportation Aid” voucher as prescribed by the Commission of Education.

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